About Us



About Us

EMAYA is a Nearshore BPO company offering outsourcing services from the United States and Central America. Our business model has one goal: exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Approach is Different

Traditionally, companies outsourced certain functions such as technical support or sales to realize cost savings. Once a function is outsourced, a company can focus on its core business or service improvements to their offerings and distribute cost savings to its stakeholders. Through outsourcing, companies benefit from greater operational and production efficiencies.

That sounds pretty good, but over time, traditional call center production levels become more and more difficult to maintain. Agents go from beginner to intermediate to experts over the course of a few months or years. These agents that have significant amounts of training and experience with a specific client´s product or service, are eventually repurposed to new groups or find new opportunities and leave the outsourcing company altogether. Call centers have an atrocious employee turnover rate and it is through constant loss of experienced personnel that production suffers.

This is not good for your business or ours. We focus on creating career paths for our employees and showing them how to move up the ladder while fostering a sense of company spirit.

EMAYA believes that through continuous improvement of the employee experience, our employees can focus on our main objective- exceeding our clients' expectations .

Our employees benefit from:

  • Profit Sharing
  • Management and General Business Training through EMAYA University.
  • Funding for additional education.
  • GIVE BACK- a chance to improve our community through charitable work.

Traditional Services

Our approach to the traditional BPO model is a little different. In order to stay true to our main objective and exceed expectations, EMAYA will over staff your team up to 25%. This helps to over deliver on production time with no additional cost to our clients. This method also helps us to maintain a more flexible work environment with a focus on continuous improvement. With a surplus of time, our talented group of managers and quality assurance agents are able to properly guide and motivate agents to ensure that we are always improving. From Technical Support to Back Office services, you’ll see the difference from day one.

Outsourced Staffing

Outsourced staffing is not a new concept. The service has been around for decades. To avoid liability and lower costs, companies will often engage with an Outsourced staffing service. Staffing companies offer these services, allowing their clients to contract qualified agents without incurring the liability that comes with contracting the agent directly. The Client will still incur costs related to housing in their offices i.e. workspace, utilities, internet bandwidth etc. The vendor incurs the responsibility of payroll, labor taxes, tracking time and attendance and Human Resources. Emaya passes through labor costs (salary plus payroll tax liabilities) and charges a fixed fee per agent. The cost savings are significantly less than the normal outsourced staffing company model and average 40% less than that of a traditional outsourcing model.