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Case study


A medium-sized Telecommunications company had always wanted to build and support a proprietary Operational Support System (OSS). An OSS is the hardware and software stack used to help companies process, analyze, and manage telecom networks. Their objective was to centralize the company’s information and integrate dependent workflows, streamlining their critical processes.

Due to the high demand for software engineers in the US, they were unable to afford the staff that they would need, and so, for years the project was in a constant holding pattern.

Client Objectives
  • Hire a Team of Developers.
  • Build an OSS.
  • Stay under allocated budget for the project.
EMAYA's Solution

Through a client referral, the telecom company reached out to EMAYA to learn more about Talent as a Service. They were expecting to be sold on handing off their whole project to this vendor who they had never heard of before.

Although EMAYA has software developers on staff, they don’t develop software for third parties. Rather, using the TaaS model, EMAYA provides talented dedicated developers at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost in the US or to purchase a solution from a software development company.They had some questions though.

How does it work? It's simple.

Based on your requirements, EMAYA will provide dedicated software engineers for your account as well as the following: 

  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • IT Support
  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Information Security

Instead of hiring an employee and having to deal with everything listed above, EMAYA does it.

What am I on the hook for?

The engineers’ monthly payroll, labor liabilities, and a flat service fee. That is it.

How do we get started?

It starts with a job description. EMAYA’s Technical recruiters search out talent. They schedule interviews for EMAYA’s project manager with qualified applicants. After passing the first interview and a skills assessment, a final interview with the Client’s hiring manager is scheduled.

The Results
  • The Client began with a team of 4 and quickly grew to 12 engineers.

  • EMAYA handled information security and always made sure the team’s equipment was working so the team could perform at a high level. EMAYA’s HR performed periodic check-ins and Employee satisfaction surveys that they shared with the client, enabling the client to gain valuable insight about the team and avoid costly unforced attrition.

  • The team thrived and the client was able to complete their project while keeping the team in place to provide support and expand the scope of the application.

  • The client saved an estimated $700,000 per year by working with EMAYA.