Helping Start-Ups Improve
Customer Experience

Case study


The client, a start-up company in the box subscription industry, was experiencing some growing pains. Despite offering high-quality products, they were seeing a decline in customer satisfaction and an alarming increase in attrition rates. Dissatisfied customers were expressing their frustration through negative online reviews, leading to a tarnished brand image. To address this issue and regain customer loyalty, the company sought the assistance of EMAYA.

Client Objectives
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores.
  • Reduce attrition rates by enhancing customer retention strategies.
  • Enhance the overall customer experience and build brand loyalty.
Order Fulfillment

The company was flooded with over-the-phone orders and many of the shipments were being sent incomplete due to order processing issues.

High Call Volume

The company received a high volume of customer inquiries and complaints, leading to long waiting times and frustrated customers.

Inadequate Issue Resolution

Existing customer support agents struggled to efficiently address and resolve customer concerns, often leading to multiple interactions for a single issue.

EMAYA's Solutions
  • Implementation of Multichannel Support
  • One of the biggest pain points was hold times because the client did not offer Multichannel Support due to lack of resources. With EMAYA, the company was able to implement a multichannel channel strategy, allowing customers to reach out through their preferred communication method whether it was phone, email, chat, or social media.

  • Advanced Issue Resolution
  • EMAYA introduced a streamlined issue resolution process, allowing agents to address customer concerns more effectively and minimize the need for multiple interactions. EMAYA worked with the client to improve customer experience and improve retention rates by empowering their agents with customer retention tools such as gift cards and additional products.

  • Multi-Skilled Agents
  • From the day they made their very first sale, the company decided to keep customer service and customer retention separate. Over time, this decision caused long wait times for customer retention and low utilization for their customer service teams.

    To reduce churn, EMAYA’s agents had a difficult job. They would have to convert interactions that started out negative, due to incomplete or inaccurate orders, into positive ones. Although most of their customers that had received inaccurate or incomplete shipments would contact customer service to cancel their subscription. 

  • Data Analytics
  • At no additional cost to the client, EMAYA implemented advanced data analytics tools to monitor customer interactions, identify trends, and offer insights to the client for continuous improvement. 

    The Results
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Within the first six months, customer satisfaction scores improved by 25%, indicating a significant enhancement in the overall customer experience.

  • Attrition Rate Reduction
  • The attrition rate decreased by 20% as customers began to feel valued and engaged with the brand.

  • Efficient Issue Resolution
  • With the revamped issue resolution process, customer complaints were resolved within a single interaction in over 80% of cases, reducing customer frustration.

  • Positive Brand Image
  • Through personalized interactions and timely issue resolution, customer satisfaction sentiment changed for the better, contributing to an improved brand image.

  • Cost Savings
  • EMAYA's efficient handling of customer inquiries led to cost savings, as fewer resources were required to manage customer care operations.